Crescent Limited 4-6-2

Post details of your rolling stock developments - locomotive, carriages, DMUs, etc.
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Re: Crescent Limited 4-6-2

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I glue my wheels onto the axles using Gorilla glue. After gluing them on I place the model in this vise to keep them aligned while the glue dries. The glue sets up in 30-60 minutes. However, I was having a little problem with a few wheels sticking to the frame. I solved this issue by just running the motor for a few seconds every 10 minutes or so until the glue dries.
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Re: Crescent Limited 4-6-2

Post by wbnemo1 »

This is a very unique project, love seeing pieces being made like this!,😆

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Re: Crescent Limited 4-6-2

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Hello Joe,
I let my gears with 0.6mm bore finished, so the wheels can be firmly pressed in without glue.
Kind regards

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