Another switch / point question

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Another switch / point question

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Very new to this gauge.
I've seen all the discussions about the problem with a dead spot in the existing switch points/turnouts. What I was wondering is: couldn't we just solder a jumper wire from the live rails to the diverter rails to ensure continuous power? These wires could go under the railbed, e.g. . Is there some fundamental construction problem that requires the diverters to be isolated?

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Re: Another switch / point question

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It would so nice if that was the problem.....but its not. The problem is that there is a large and long (In T scale terms) piece of plastic that creates a 3/4 inch long dead spot in the middle of the point.

See this thread for a more detailed look at the problem: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=148&hilit=achilles
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