Is the EMD GP8 really an 8?

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Is the EMD GP8 really an 8?

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I had a very slow Sunday waiting for a bunch of stuff drying and setting so I geeked out a bit on the GP8 which I think is actually “more of a GP9”. One of my general Prototype references is

This is a GP8: ... h3c-7e.GIF
Look at the lowered area behind the cabin and the two pairs of smaller fans on the hood.

GP9: ... c-ph3c.GIF
Area behind cabin is at same height as engine hood. Two single larger fans on hood

T Gauge model ... P8%204.jpg
Two large fans, elevated area behind the cabin.

Then the colors. You have several black based GP8s but I have maybe come across one old green GP8. Burlington though have several green GP9s - site loads slow. ... id=3056756

However having said all of that. Conrail has the most GP8s. In the gallery you will find a mix of GP8s with a lowered “area” behind the cab as well as the same height as the hood. And the reg numbers are at the right place (on the cabin) compared to the T Gauge GP8. ... MD/GP8GP10

If you look at this picture though you will see double pair fans on GP8. ... merdale-PA

To make it even more complex if we take a look at the GP7 which is what they rebuilt into GP8.

From Trainiax. ... 7-nodb.GIF
Two pairs of fans, same height behind and in-front of cabin.

some images: ... Museum.jpg

To summarize, it feels like Eishindo has taken components from GP8, 9 and 7. The two single fans is something you find on a GP9. You have black GP7, GP8 and GP9s. When it comes to green I have found maybe one GP8, but you have several GP7 and 9s. I would argue that most GP8s are actually blue (Conrail). The reg number on the side of the cabin is typical for Conrail GP8s but also for some GP7s. Based on the scale you can not really see very specific details like breaks etc. If you look at other model scales you find a a bunch of GP9s (Black and Green) and some GP7, but I have not really found a GP8

So what makes the T Gauge EMD a GP8?

From my view you can probably get away using it as a GP7 if you model the 50s or an 8 or 9 for “modern” railroads with a profile of the hood behind and in-front of the cabin at the same height. The two single large fans though is really a GP9 component, but in fact you have several GP9s with 4 or more smaller fans etc.

Thoughts? Probably will not change the world :)

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Re: Is the EMD GP8 really an 8?

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It's quire overscale also from what I can see.. not highly accurate but it is RTR and "available now".

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