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Turnout templates

Post by Lynbarn »

Does anybody know of a source for track templates that I can download and print?

I (think I) want to cannibalise two left-hand, two right-hand and a 30deg crossover to manufacture a scissors crossover, a T-gauge equivalent to one of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Peco-SL-E383F-N ... 0964862146. It will take a fair bit of track surgery, but on a brief inspection, it looks like I can get the geometry to work, but I'd like to try it out on a paper version before I try it for real.



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Re: Turnout templates

Post by dkightley »

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Re: Turnout templates

Post by ivanf »


you could try http://www.templot.com/martweb/templot.htm - I think I've got it to draw a t-gauge turnout. Not the easiest program to use but it's what they use in the big rough scales.



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Re: Turnout templates

Post by DiTape »

Templot works in t I have created several templates for points but have not got around to actually building any.


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Re: Turnout templates

Post by jerrybigcat »

Go to handlaidtracks.com. They have templates for everything BUT t. but you can reduce the drawings.

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Re: Turnout templates

Post by Webskipper »

Go for this bad boy Kato 20-210.


Your going to need to splice in a criss-cross piece.

And this article (easy):
http://www.fiferhobby.com/html/how_to_m ... ths_o.html

And a super fine razor saw like this (works great):

http://www.micromark.com/razor-saw-blad ... 11107.html
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