Brainstorming for a new exhibition layout

Post details of your T gauge layouts and the progress you are making.
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Re: Brainstorming for a new exhibition layout

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Thanks for your input. A setting somewhere in Scotland has a lot of appeal, as I've spent a fair bit of time wandering around the Highlands. Unfortunately, I want something fairly complex but not too similar to Sarum Bridge, which rules out a lot of rural options.

While I haven't absolutely decided on anything yet, it is currently looking like either:

- Edinburgh Waverley, reduced to 10 or 12 tracks with simplified/dummy pointwork. This can actually be done to correct scale, and by turning the western approach tracks around in front of the layout, it can fit on a single board of 6 feet x 2 feet. There is even a nice Lilliput Lane model of Edinburgh Castle, although it is too small and so would have to sit in the corner with forced perspective.

- The modular approach, built using my own electronic and scenic standards rather than one of the common types. Something similar to this modular N gauge layout set on the Isle of Skye, but probably set in Cornwall instead...

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