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Re: Outer Melbourne

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:18 am
by msimister
Saw Martin's two linear motor layouts this morning at the Australian Model Railway Association exhibition at Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne. Very impressive, especially 'Outer Melbourne' with the working road/rail level crossing with working half-barriers. If linear motors can be commercialised for 1/450th scale it will answer a lot of problems (especially points and cost) although double track will be an issue.

Congrats Martin. Looking forward to your next linear motor layout.

Re: Outer Melbourne

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:25 pm
by DanMacK
This is brilliant on soo many levels and is amazing in any scale. Would rolling wheels be an option? Especially on the vehicles? Fiddly... but might add that last little bit of realism? Although at that size it's hardly noticable. Beautiful layout!

Re: Outer Melbourne

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:41 am
by martink
DanMacK wrote:Would rolling wheels be an option?
It would be doable in larger scales, but still not easy, and would certainly come at a price. There would need to be enough contact between the wheels and track to provide the force to turn them, which means more friction. There would be wear issues with the wheels and track. There would be a tiny air gap between the track and magnets which reduces the drive power. The axle positioning would likely conflict with where the magnets need to be, so that less stable axle-less wheels would be needed. The system generates a fair bit of fore-and-aft drive force, but only weak side forces to keep the vehicles on the track, so that any asymmetry between the wheels would send the vehicles careering off course, and getting around tight corners would be challenging.

Things might be made easier by adding actual some sort of (slightly) raised guide rails to the track - plastic, brass wire, even just another layer of paper, but that opens up a whole new box of complications.

Anyway, all of that is part of why I am sticking to the tiny scales where the lack of wheels can be concealed.