Winnipeg's Exchange District

Post details of your T gauge layouts and the progress you are making.
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Winnipeg's Exchange District

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Hi all,

I'd like to thank the administrators for allowing me to join this forum. I'm new to the miniature modeling hobby and had never actually seen T-Guage model trains until mine arrived from a few days ago. I was immediately intimidated by the scale, but am also excited about the challenge.

My intentions in the hobby is to build a scale model of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada's Exchange District circa 1913. I'm not 100% settled on the exact date as of yet but this is in the middle of one of the largest construction and development booms for the prairie city that at the time was expected to be larger than Chicago. Sadly, a few years later, the Panama Canal opened and diminished the importance of Winnipeg as a railway hub.

My intentions are to use Shapeways to 3D print all of the buildings. Probably wont be in as extreme detail as some of the things I've seen posted on here. The project is mostly about the architecture and history of the area. The layout will begin with the rail yard that existed where what is now known as the Forks is located. The city basically re-purposed this land into a park and market, now with the Museum of Human Rights. This first quadrant of the model would be about 9'X5' and have a river feature around 2 sides.

At this point in my journey into this model, I'm trying to track down older maps, and surveys that show the layout of the rail yard. I think I have found them in an unorganized archive that was dumped on a railway museum when Canadian National Railway abandoned the rail yard in the late 70's. Until I get my hands on these documents, I'm trying to start 3D modeling a couple of buildings to get my feet wet.

Any advice anyone is willing to give me would be greatly appreciated, especially on how to integrate and plan the rail lines for the yard. Also if anyone has any cost saving methods of building or incorporating switches into a layout, as I don't particularly want to spend thousands on this element alone...

Thanks for reading and look forward to getting to know you all.

Downtown Winnipeg Arial.JPG
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Re: Winnipeg's Exchange District

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Hi Wes

Welcome to the forum.....

Your layout sounds as if its going to be an interesting project....despite demanding a shed load of research to get it going! ;)

Do make sure you have a good browse through the forum....there's lots of very good information, advice and tips that will help you get going. And if you can't find anything that answers any questions you have.....just ask!

And do make sure you keep the thread up-to-date with developments.......
Doug Kightley
Webmaster here and volunteer at the National Tramway Museum

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