Winston and South Maple Railway

Post details of your T gauge layouts and the progress you are making.
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Winston and South Maple Railway

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Probably has the most unusual name for a Layout.
But I wanted to somehow incorporate "Worlds Smallest Model Railway" into the title.

The layout is about 3 years old roughtly by now, and is always changing slightly.
At the moment I'm trying to add a short fiddle siding on the back end of the layout.
If there is one thing I wish I would change are the gradients, they are a bit steep for a Tgauge loco. (hence the need for double/triple units)

Video of some of the trains in action. ... 4-overview
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Re: Winston and South Maple Railway

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That video was the one that inspired me to give T a try - a combination of the availability of the HST and your goods wagons.

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