Displaying Images on the Forum

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Displaying Images on the Forum

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1) Images can be loaded as attachments on the forum for PERMANENT use in threads. There is, however a maximum file size restrictions of approx. 2MB. Also, if the image is wider than approx. 900 pixels or higher than 1000 pixels, the photo will not be displayed directly in the post. Instead it will appear as a link that can be opened.

2) Images can be stored on photo hosting sites (like Photobucket, etc) and the image incorporated in image tags so the image can be shown direct in the thread. Note that the same restrictions apply, and if the image is large, it will accessible as a link. Note that there are issue with Photobucket image storage conditions that affect this way of showing images.

3) Images can be stored on third party photo sites or similar and a html link used to link to the photo site so the image can be viewed on that site.

THE PREFERRED WAY OF INCORPORATING IMAGES IN POSTS ON TALKING T GAUGE IS METHOD 1. The image will be permanent and the flow of the thread will not be lost by the image becoming unviewable....which can happen very easily using either of the other methods.

NB Thread updated 5th July 2017

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