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Coming soon - The Talking T Gauge Shop

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:44 am
by dkightley
Clanking of a hand bell.......

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

I am pleased to announce the impending launch of The Talking T Gauge Shop, which will have available an expanding range of locomotives, rolling stock and many different scenery items for T gauge.

The range will include a host of 3D printed to order parts that will enhance your layout.

In addition, I will be able to offer a 3D printing service, where I will be able to either print, or design and print, custom T gauge locomotives, rolling stock and scenery items such as bridges, stations and a variety of houses, etc....all at reasonable prices.

Keep an eye on the forum over the next few days for further information, etc.

EDIT as of 17/09/2015:
I have the online shop system set up in test mode and I am currently finalising what the initial product range will be. I've had to make minor changes to items I designed some time ago for printing by Shapeways for my Robins Run layout....and I'm part way through creating images for the shop item entries....which is a longer job than I anticipated, as I'm having to print one of each item so I can photograph them!! :?

Re: Coming soon - The Talking T Gauge Shop

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:34 pm
by dkightley
The target product range for the shop launch is as follows. Items in red are definitely in the shop; items in blue will make the shop, and items in black may not be available on launch day:

Baby Deltic **
Single portal
Single wing walls
Single wing narrow
Single wing wide
Double portal
Double wing walls
Double wing narrow
Double wing wide
Single tunnel 120mm
Single tunnel 120rad
Single tunnel 132rad
Single tunnel 145rad
Single tunnel 157rad
Double tunnel 120mm
Double tunnel 120/132rad
Double tunnel 132/145rad
Double tunnel 145/157rad
Council style house detatched *
Council style house semi *
Nissen hut *
Platform - section 75mm **
Platform - Long left end 75mm **
Platform - Long right end 75mm **
Platform - Short left end 21mm **
Platform - Short right end 21mm **
Platform - station section 75mm x 35.6mm **
Station building **
Shop 1 *
Shop 2 *
Shop 3 *
Shop 4 *
Hotel & pub **
Town houses - row of six **
Town houses - row of four **
Town houses - row of two **

Mk 1 Carriage - BCK
Mk 1 Carriage - BFK
Mk 1 Carriage - BSK
Mk 1 Carriage - CK
Mk 1 Carriage - FK
Mk 1 Carriage - FO
Mk 1 Carriage - SK
Mk 1 Carriage - TSO (SK)
Mk 1 Carriage - SO (SK)
House -1-7 **
House - 1-14 **
House - 1-11 **
House - 1-20 **
House - 1-15 **
Garage - 1-6a **
Flexitrack alignment gauges **

And launch day will be in the next week or so!!!! :) :) :) :) :) ;)

EDIT as of 22/09/2015 - List updated - updated lines marked with one asterisk

EDIT as of 25/09/2015 - List updated - updated lines marked with two asterisks..........nearly there!!!!!!!