Agggghh! Frustration...frustration....

Here's the place for discussions about those 3D creations for Tguage...and lets not forget the trials and tribulations of designing and printing.
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Agggghh! Frustration...frustration....

Post by dkightley »

I've been struggling over the past week getting one of my printers tuned into a new nozzle that I had to fit following its predecessor blocking after several months good service.

And not only this......but I've also had an upgrade to the slicer software I use that has had several process enhancements that have affected the finer details of existing printer setup profiles!

And just to fuel the fire....I've recently had two orders for Baby Deltic body shells...a part which I've not needed to print for a few months now...and the print profile no longer matches the printer hardware setup, failing to give results that I'm willing to accept.

Having printed about a dozen body shells, I now have the printer dialled in to the slicer software and I've been able to print shells to fulfil the orders.....but they've been delayed!! And as compensation, and seeing I have a number of almost perfect shells, the two lucky customers are getting a BOGOF.....that's Buy One Get One Free for those not familiar with the phrase. ;) One is good....and the other has a slight defect that would fettle out with a bit of work. They'll be receiving an email advising on their order very soon!

Hopefully I can get the backlog out the way and relax a bit......
Doug Kightley
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Re: Agggghh! Frustration...frustration....

Post by gbtrains »

Hi Doug

Yep I have the Da vinci XYZ 1A and that had done the same thing where by the nozel clogged up.
I had to reset the machine to fatory settings and wipe all what I had on before and then did several cleans on the nozel before it worked again propely.

I cannot get the smaller print detail that you can so waiting for a cash injection so i can get the laser 3d printer which will be from power and liquid composites rather than ABS plastic at 1.75 which I have got at the moment.

been making full shells of coaches at 19m and 23m lenghts and also tied the Deltic shape and cl158 / cl180.

Good T gauging
Will up date when I can.

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