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First attempt at a design and print

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 8:15 pm
by sidneylopsides
While I'm still musing over my first layout I'm fairly certain it's going to be based around local stuff, so decided to have a go at modelling something, starting with something simple, in more ways than one!

So here is my first try at a Class 144.
Screenshot (34)-01.jpeg
Designed in Fusion 360, I modelled a wheelset and 4mm motor based on the diagrams on Also a piece of track as a reference. The idea currently is to use a power bogie for donors, and have one powered axle per car. That's prototypical too!

I assumed if be ordering prints from Shapeways, but I did a test print on my little Ender printer, and was amazed that it looked pretty good. So I've modified the design so the body, chassis, roof, cab and corridor parts can all be printed and stick together. I've also done a featureless shell for transfer decal covering.

Here are the first test print and a follow up multi coloured one.
I was going to do it purple but my purple filament didn't work well on this. It's hard to tell, but you can make out the roof ridges and even some of the window detail. I'm going to see if I can improve the fit, and trim down the little blobs etc.