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Motor yacht Bluebird 1931 in T-Gauge

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:12 pm
by PetrOs
I recently released another ship kit, also in T-Gauge. This is the motor yacht Bluebird (of Chelsea). ... 31-dunkirk

Motoryacht Bluebird was built by Thornycrofts of Southamton in 1931 for Sir Malcolm Campbell as a twin petrol engined wooden carvel-built motor yacht. After 3 years of racing, he sold the boat which had three further owners, until taken over by admiralty at the start of World War II. She was a part of "Little Ships" flotilla at Dunkirk evacuation, and despite some troubles with engines and over crowding she returned back to England under tow as she fouled her screws on debris and contaminated her petrol tanks with water. She performed different coast transport services for RASC in Scotland and later on South Coast around Weymouth and Gosport during the war. Her later history is little known, except that she was privately owned in southern France and Atlantic coast under name of Blue Finch. She was rediscovered in desolate condition in 1984 and restored to a great condition, under name of Bluebird of Chelsea.

You would need to provide your railings, and streering wheel to complete the model. Refer to the photographs available on internet.

I am making a napoleonic-era ships too, is there interest on a sailing frigate in T-Gauge? ;)