Holding fence for glueing

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Holding fence for glueing

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Having wrestled with trying to pin fencing onto the side of platform edges, I stumbled across a really simple way of doing it.

Here's what I was wanting to achieve:
IMG_2724_red.JPG (56.66 KiB) Viewed 2715 times
I needed a way to hold the fencing in the right position.....a snug fit along the platform edge and upright. And long enough to allow me to apply epoxy resin to each of the fencing uprights...and for the glue to set!

I had tried using pins to do this....but with the platforms being glued directly onto a strip of plywood, I couldn't get pins to stick in close enough witout using a pin hammer to get them in!! Almost impossible!!!!

What I needed was something (relatively) heavy and rectangular on the platform to push the fencing against. I had just the thing....an aluminium strip that would straddle the platform sections.

All I needed was something to hold the fencing on the edge of the strip. Hang on.....replace "hold" with "stick".....and we have the solution. Out with a Pritt stick....and a layer on the edge. And the fencing sticks!!
IMG_2726_red.JPG (28.68 KiB) Viewed 2715 times
I positioned the fencing so the uprights protruded below the bottom by the right amount. The aluminium strip was then simply placed on the platforms in the right position...allowing me to do the glueing:
IMG_2725_red.JPG (47.2 KiB) Viewed 2715 times
Once the glue has cured, the aluminium strip will gently ease away....leaving the fence straight and upright and firmly glued on!

For this example, I have a flat and level area to place the metal strip, but I can see the technique working elsewhere...and it doesn't have to be a metal strip. I'm sure thick board or even wood can be used....and these supports pinned into place. The important thing is the glue stick glue being used to temporarily hold the delicate fencing whilst you glue it in place.
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