Full Size Prints from Google Earth

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Full Size Prints from Google Earth

Post by dkightley »

I'm wanting to document a method of creating full size T Gauge sattelite images to print for laying out at 1/450th...so I thought "What about on the forum?"

The problem: I want to be able to accurately place buildings on a T gauge layout board.

The solution: Use screen prints from Google Earth. All I need to do is get the scale right!

To do this I start with what I can print....A4 landscape or portrait. And a useable height printed on A4 is 25cm....which is 113m in full size terms. Now, printing at 96 pixels per inch (sorry about mixing metric & imperial measurements), 25 cm @ 1/450th or 113m at full size equates to 948 pixels. A strange set of figures...but that's what came from my working out!!

So.....all I need to do is the following:

1) Go to where you want the map printing in Google Earth. Make sure you're looking vertically down and North is set spot on at 12 o'clock. Switch on the ruler and set a N-S line at 113m...or as near as you can get. Carefully move the map around so you can see an A4 area....like this:
2) Screen print what you see....I'm on Windows 7 and have downloaded Microsoft's Snipping Tool, which is brilliant!.....and save to an image on disc.

3) Open the image in your favourite editor....I use PaintShopPro v7, which is very old but easy to use....and select an A$ sized area that is exactly the same height as the ruler marking...like this:
4) Cut and paste into a new image file. If you take a look at the size of this file, it will be almost anything: Again, here's mine...420 pixels high:
5) Resize the image so it's 948 pixels high. Ensure the "Maintain aspect ratio" option is used. Here's mine now:
You can do one of two things now....

6a) Ensuring your print settings print at 96 dpi, print the image out full size. Here's mine:

6b) Create a new and large blank image that is greater than the whole area you are mapping....and cut and past the image into it. When you add any subsequent pieces to this image, you might have to do a bit of juggling with the scaling of the image to get a perfect match as you paste bits in. Once you have your big image, you can the print at will any part of it...also ensuring the print setting is 96 dpi.

I can understand what I've written...surprisingly...but if anyone has any questions....just ask. And do please add any notes as appropriate if you find any alternate way, etc, or give this method a try.
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Re: Full Size Prints from Google Earth

Post by gbtrains »

Hi Doug

Thank you for the instructions
I will be needing them to start another project called Ilkley with set track as thoses points will have to be added in still will be 4 foot for scenery and another 4 foot for the yard and controllers.
ps I will make new thread for this once I have worked out the mapping.
May need help in printing some stl files for the buildings as still I am on the 1.0A basic 3D printer and it does not quite cut the lines nice un like yours when set to the finist. :)


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