Advice for a complete novice

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Advice for a complete novice

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Hi guys
I have 3D printed a 1/450th scale Hogwarts castle (thanks to Joshua Neil Arthur my mini factory).
I want to supplement it with a working Hogwarts express consisting of:

From Pegasus Designs (Shapeways)
Hall Class No.5972 Hogwarts Castle

From Talking T Gauge shop
BSK No.99723 Brake Second Corridor Coach
SK No.99716 Second Corridor Coach
SO No.99317 Second Open Coach
SK No.99721 Second Corridor Coach
BSK No.99312 Brake Second Corridor Coach

From T
16 - 27M Adjustable Chassis
The 6 steam wheels are designed for
A3 flying Scottsman wheels = 2032mm/450= 4.51mm (The T-Gauge driving wheels)
Castle Class wheels = 2045mm/450= 4.54mm (close enough)
Hall class wheels = 1829mm/450=4.06mm (so T-Gauge wheels 0.5mm too big)
But the kind guys at Pegasus Designs are modding the chassis of the Hall class to fit and I doubt I can see the steam wheels are 0.5mm too large
But what motor / gearbox valve gear do I use.

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