scaling down OO card models

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scaling down OO card models

Post by colinmc1 »

I have found a number of free card models for buildings and bridges but they are on OO scale. I know the ratio to scale N Gauge down to T Gauge is 33% but I have tried printing these OO in various scaled down ratios but cant seem to get it right, does anyone know what the correct ratio is that I should scale them down by?

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Re: scaling down OO card models

Post by Nutter »

16 or 17% for OO
32.8 British N 1/148
35.5 US or European N 1/160
48.8 Z gauge 1/220

Simple formula Scale is in divide by scale wanted eg 220(Z) ? 450 (T) = .48.8 when printing put 48.8 in print scale change
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Re: scaling down OO card models

Post by rail450 »

yes, this is the mathematical calculation of the downscaling.

In the new 1:450 model, however, the minimum wall thickness must be checked.

Shapeways will not print below the minimum.



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