Steel Industry Train Cars

Post details of your rolling stock developments - locomotive, carriages, DMUs, etc.
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Steel Industry Train Cars

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Hey yinz,

If anyone is interested, I posted up a set of steel industry rail cars. I will be posting up some photos of the finished cars when I have a chance.

Attached is a screenshot of the set. I also included a siteplan of the Carnegie Steel Works. I calculated that it should fit on a 2x4 sheet of plywood if anyone dares taking it on ;)

I began building a 3d model of this complex but stopped because even just printing one of the furnaces would cost a lot of money and wouldn't fit as an extreme detail print.
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Re: Steel Industry Train Cars

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btw If you edit your images so they're no wider than 1000 pixels and no greater than 800 pixels, they'll show within the thread....and not as links.
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