Jesse's creations for powered coaches? question?

Post details of your rolling stock developments - locomotive, carriages, DMUs, etc.
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Jesse's creations for powered coaches? question?

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I am trying to figure out what of Jesse's bodies I can use on my Garden Railway loco. I have picked up a GP loco from Trainaidsa and want to run a decent rake of rolling stock. Some of the descriptions on shapeways don't say what they fit on.

Thinking I can utilize my garden powered chassis with something, hopefully to add more pulling power to the GP loco.

Also, with the new 35.5mm powered unit with the near gearing/motor, can anyone tell me roughly how many rolling stock it can pull?

I know weight and other factors play in, but my current rolling stock is 4 self made cars, gondola, reefer, box car and flat car. All cast in resin.

I would like to add a couple more and a caboose.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Jesse's creations for powered coaches? question?

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I can't give a difinitive answer to the question....but I can offer some suggestions based on my own limited running of T gauge....

Apart from when at slow speed, I've never found that a power unit has stalled due to having too great a load to pull....instead, the drive axles spin as the drive torque overpowers the static coefficient of friction between the drive wheels and the track.

One way of trying to counteract this would be to ensure that both of the axles in the drive bogie have magnetic wheels. You'll find that on existing bogies, only one axle is magnetised.

Another possible issue might be that good electrical contact between track and wheels is not maintained, either reducing the power available for the motors, or causing frequent breaks in power transmission sufficient enough to stall the train....and causing additional skidding on resumption of power.

Again, doubling up on magnetic axles may help the situation.

My final comment would be to ensure that both track and wheels are as clean as possible
Doug Kightley
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