My layout ideas

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My layout ideas

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Currently my T gauge adventure is one 19m chassis pulling a coach body, on 180mm of track, powered by a home build PWM controller (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=13).

I do plan to start a thread soon about my progress, and when I do I plan to make it just that, i.e. progress rather than a log of thoughts and future plans. However this post is just about future plans.

I have numerous idea on layouts that I may eventually build, but these are two of the less convential.

The first idea is basically a long loop, half in tunnel, with very generic rural scenery without buidlings. Within the tunnel would be a fiddle yard with numerous parallel tracks. Possibly also including automated electronic control such that when one train was driven into the fiddle yard (under manual control - I do still want something to do) it would automatically stop, the points change, and the next train in sequence come out.

The logic behind this layout would be that it would hold several long trains which could be from different countries (HST, ICE, Warship/Deltic + coaches, F unit + boxcars etc) such that each train was correct in itself and the layout was a display for the different trains that could be run. In addition to these it could also support other scales, i.e. 2 foot gauge or 3 foot gauge using the T gauge track but with the scale altered to suit, i.e 1mm/1ft for 3 foot gauge and 1/5mm/ft for 2 foot gauge.

Will I build this layout? I would like to, but I think it would be best left until after I have the stock to run on it rather than before.

The second layout I have planned is almost the complete opposite of the above, in that it will have one train running through different scenes. This is something I would like to do just to try modelling the scenery and buildings for different countries and regions, without needing to build a full layout for each.

I can think of two ways to do this. The first would be a circle of track split into 3 with a triangular backdrop, or a loop split into more, such that each scene is totally different. A second way would be a more modular approach, this would use foamboard construction with straight set track glued firmly to the board. For short boards the track could overhang the edge slightly, for longer boards it may be best set back and need a short section adding between boards when joined. This would depend on the set track joined to hold everything together - this is the one part I am not sure of, as in if there is enough strength in these joiners to make this work. By using straight track in the modules then it should be possible to add a half circle at each end, and then if the same number of straight sections are added to the back then it should be guaranteed to join up in a loop.

The one more convetional layout that I am planning in detail is a folded figure 8 with rocky scenery (for those who know think Gorre and Daphetid in miniature). This woud be around 12" by somewhere between 24" and 36". I read somewhere of a recommendation of 6% maximum gradient, applying this, and with a length of 36", I should be able to get a 4" change in height. Hardly floor to ceiling mountains, but hopefully with the size of the rolling stock, and the small layout area, it could look quite effective.

If you have any thought on the above, or can see any problems with these plans that I have overlooked, then please let me know.

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