New Mapping Site - brill for layouts!

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New Mapping Site - brill for layouts!

Post by dkightley »

I've just discovered a mapping website that has something perfect for model making...

The site is called http://www.what3words.comand its prime purpose is to make locating specific points anywhere throughout the world very easy to specify when identifying and/or telling others where the location is. Instead of using latitude and longitude values....which they consider to be too complicated :? :roll: ...they've split the whole of the world's surface up into 3m squares....and named each square with three names.....such as "elephant.sandwich.pint". Good idea? Well yes...and no! Either way, a side effect of this is that you can view anywhere in the world as a satellite view that is overlaid with a 3m square grid.

Here's an example:
Capture.JPG (97.83 KiB) Viewed 2668 times
This is going to make working out sizes of any building an easy and simple job!!! :D :D
Doug Kightley
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