Standard HST Running Protocol

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Standard HST Running Protocol

Post by grahame »

For us mere mortals who run their T Gauge trains every now and then as time permits, I have come to the following running protocol to get my 9 car HST set running well:

1. Run each power car and buffet car separately for about 10 mins, after applying Condutalube to the wheel pickups (previous post)
2. Hook up just the power cars and buffet all 3 briskly for about another 10 mins
3. Add the two first class for 5 mins
4. Add the 4 second class coaches and we are now running pretty well

This has got me going pretty much all of the simply cannot just pick these up from several weeks of inactivity and expect them to run like an OO/HO loco..

I think the "pros" who go to train shows have a warm up loop..I certainly would if I showed my T gauge sets...
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Re: Standard HST Running Protocol

Post by martink »

Having run mine at a number of exhibitions, that seems a bit drastic. ;)

I find that starting with a good clean (especially inside the power-cars' axle boxes), running the motor units coupled together for a few minutes, and then adding the coaches is generally good enough. The same goes for my other trains. Running continues to improve for a while after that, and then begins to fall off towards the end of the day.

Possibly more important, especially for the HST set, is finding a vehicle order and orientation that really works well, with maximum traction and no derailments or other hiccups. Once I found that, I used a permanent marker to put some dots or numbers at one end on their undersides to remind me of the preferred marshalling order.

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Re: Standard HST Running Protocol

Post by dkightley »

I agree totally with Martin's observations.....and I do exactly the same to get good running.

Some power units run better forwards, and some run better backwards. Pairing them up the right way round makes for reliable running....and as I mentioned on a post on Graham's other thread, I clean and re-assemble all the bogies wheelsets without any lubrication.
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