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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:23 am
by PetrOs
I joined the forum yesterday, and thought it would be nice to present myself to the community and to say hello.

So, I'm Peter, and I am originally from Russia, but live in Germany now. I currently have a TT-Gauge layout, but due to different reasons, I want to go smaller. An important thing for me was to go digital, to reuse all the equipment which I have for my TT layout (selfmade PC-driven controller, arduino based DCC driven servo and light controllers, Roco lokmouse sets, selfmade current-feeling occupation detectors....). I am an IT guy in a big company, and have a deep understanding in both programming and electronics area, so selfmade electronics is not an issue for me. I also operated a model kit online shop, mainly oriented for plastic kits, as a secondary project. In addition to trains, I build 1/350 and 1/700 scale ship models. I also have a wife and a 4.5 years old daughter, who already manages to control up to 3 trains on my TT-gauge layout with a roco lokmouse, without collisions ;)

My plan for now is to make a small test layout in T scale, which I could use on my shop's stand on different modeling shows to raise public interest, to evaluate the technologies, and to offer T-scale stuff over my shop, too.