Maybe it's time to retire

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Maybe it's time to retire

Post by Ozrail »

I had planned to write a boring long speech thing about why.
But I guess there isn't much interesting to say in the end.

I'm debating on whether to keep my shapeways models available.
But if it's like previous experiences someone will outshine me and produce more higher quality works.

Check out my Shapeways store for T-gauge stuff.

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Re: Maybe it's time to retire

Post by dkightley »

I'd like to say that this announcement is a complete shock....but I'm afraid to say that I'm not totally surprised to read the sad news of a pioneer in the design and supply of rolling stock for T gauge makes a decision to close down his Shapeways shop.

Interest in T gauge has plateaued over the past year or so with the slow down in new products and lack of improvement of not-so-good products from Japan. This combined with the high cost of Shapeways products due to one reason or the other has had a dampening effect on new people taking the plunge into T. I'm also saddened by the much reduced activity on the forum in the past few months....which in itself is a direct indicator in many turning away from T.

I do hope Ozrail reconsiders shutting his shop down completely and doesn't remove his extensive range of products from sale.....although it sounds as if the decision has been made. I personally would like to thank Oz for his input into the hobby and wish him well in his future ventures.
Doug Kightley
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Re: Maybe it's time to retire

Post by martink »

We would be very sorry to see you go. I have to say that the availability of your UK rolling stock made a huge difference to me - I wouldn't have ventured into T without it.

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Re: Maybe it's time to retire

Post by msimister »

I'll add my thanks and regrets too. Hope you'll reconsider.

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Re: Maybe it's time to retire

Post by PetrOs »


Your shop is one of the reasons for me to start! It would be a big blow for many!

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