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introducing myself [probaby wrong place to do this ]

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:35 pm
by swt444
Hello fello modelling enthusiasts
been wanting to build a large "network" style layout for sometime and t gauge seems the ideal way of doing it, as well it allows models of huge prototypes in a small space so a large space would allow.... a [insert profanity here] HUGE prototype to be modeld without so much compression.
this would be a very long, slow project as funds are low and same with skill, but we have friends and family with modeling skills [mostly tanks planes dioramas etc but skills i can call on which is handy cos i have very little skill but i love railway history etc]
I am planning a layout in the ex g/f [still close mates] loft so would have a fair space to model at least 100ft+ of main line + branches and small off scene storage [ie small fiddle yards] and personaly im more into modern image uk outline stuff.
im in bournemouth/poole down in dorset and have big thorn in my side. Namely the closure of the s&d, so naturaly a what if based on the current south west mainline namely the section from christchurch to hamworthy section [but actualy a ficticious location taking hints from that network and a what if modelers license type thing as if the s&d hadnt closed just been stripped back]
any way just wanted to say hi more than anything.
this is going to require me annoying elektra to reissue their t gauge vinyls for a start and hopefully some class 444 159/158 and 450 etc along with some modern freight locos and maybe even some class 220 etc.
how do i go about this? :lol: the layout would be based in blandford and im thinking of adding a second layer, ie a shelf above the main line shelf representing the line to bath green park as if the s&d had survived in a cut down form so i might include a blandford station as if it had survived but been cut down
any advice here would be apreciated.
also is there any way of modeling 3rd rail in tgauge? or have we just got to imagine this?
many thanks

Re: introducing myself [probaby wrong place to do this ]

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:54 pm
by dkightley
Hi Mark.....and welcome to the forum. And you Are in the right place to introduce yourself! :shock:

Your plans do look quite ambitious, but not outrageous....and I look forward to you posting some details of your progress as you work your way through the project. You'll have a way to go to beat my 37 pages of posts, though. ;)

If you're looking at modern image, you may be interested to know that I have a few DMU shells in development that will make their way into the forum shop over the next few weeks or so......starting with a class 158 two-car set, a class 170 two/three car set and a class 180 five car set, with a class 220 currently in early development. Class 444s and 450s do look as if they could be fairly easy to do as well....

This range will be 3D printed white shells that will have included with them a generic livery graphics file for the creation of decals....which can easily be modded to almost any livery! Keep an eye on the forum for release information.

As for third rail.....I'm not too sure if it can easily be mimicked.....and I look forward to ideas from the user base!

Re: introducing myself [probaby wrong place to do this ]

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:29 pm
by swt444
thank you :-)
yes i was just looking at your thread with the dmu shells the 158 [which im assuming can be made into a 159 without too much hassle at a guess i may be wrong tho] and the 180 despite not being a local unit still looks like i can come up with an imaginary reason for them to be on the layout.
my modeling skills are pretty bad tbh so this is going to take some serious time but still thats how most hobbies end up LOL!
btw the bridge is utterly inspirational for someone like myself, the idea of such a large structure somewhere near its real size is just amazing :-)
my friends son is currently building a 3d printer [the one that you collect in the magazine] its probably not going to be great but i might be able to build something useful with it maybe not lol.
im still on stage one of the project atm which is reading as much about real station/rail line prototypes so that at least my imaginary ones follow something from the real world.
loving the new points etc thats coming about soon they are deffo going to make things easier, might even have to get one of them lever frames from the p4 society just because it looks cool. being that the area i live in has alot of disused rail infrastructure [junctions now disused bridges etc and even stations that are now mostly gone on active lines] might even model some of that too, :lol:
hoping that the hst set ends up being made in first gwr livery that is ocasionaly seen down here,
if anyone has any ideas for stations etc i should look at for inspiration im all ears [or eyes]
many thanks and loving your layout its amazing doubt il ever top that lol
might even have to put in a small branch thats been closed and reopened as a heritage line like the swanage line just as an excuse to run steam/heritage stock i wonder if theres any lines that are run half freight and half heritage? modellers license if not i guess lol :lol:

Re: introducing myself [probaby wrong place to do this ]

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:54 pm
by martink
Welcome aboard. That is certainly an ambitious plan, and I am a bit concerned about potential reliability and track/wheel cleaning issues. I know how much work is involved just to keep a modestly-sized exhibition layout in top form.

For a third rail, the first thing that springs to mind is thin brass wire obtainable from most hobby shops. This can be laid on top of the outside of the sleepers so that the chairs keep it a suitable distance from the running rail. Another possibility is using standard T gauge rail attached the same way. Some experiments would be required.