Electric points from T Gauge.com

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Electric points from T Gauge.com

Post by barneyadi »

Just seen on their facebook page that electric points should be about 6 weeks away and cost £25.00

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Re: Electric points from T Gauge.com

Post by rail450 »

Where do you found this info?
Pls, offer the link.

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Re: Electric points from T Gauge.com

Post by NeilM »


I can not remember if you need to apply and be approved before seeing the posts or not.

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Re: Electric points from T Gauge.com

Post by Reith01 »

I think I'll wait for a few reviews here before I sink money into this. Hopefully they'll work! A little on the expensive side.

PS you need a Faceache account to see that site. I popped in on someone else's ID as I don't have one.

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Re: Electric points from T Gauge.com

Post by dkightley »

I think it may be worth noting that there have been two developments reported in the past couple of months that are on the subject of points......the existing points with motor drive added being available soon, and a prototype version of points that have a much smaller dead spot that are in the early stages of development. I'm not sure if anyone has got these two things mixed up! :(
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Re: Electric points from T Gauge.com

Post by mattinair »

Thanks for the clarification .....I've already motorized my points so am really waiting for the short gap points... :)

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