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Back (Sortof)

Post by jesse6669 »

Sorry for the long absence my fellow T-gaugers. Work and personal matters have conspired to keep my modeling to a minimum for the last couple of years. I may be able to start again on some T items soon, probably next year. It still intrigues me! And now Shapeways as FXD.. :) hehe.

I'm glad to see so many of you have kept the 1:450 fires burning, and wow, some amazing stuff has been done. The Bridge--Doug what a masterpiece! It's right up there with Orbost in T-gauge History. So many new pieces of rolling stock from the members, and the steamer under development by Siegfried! The turnout by Alan!

Now if only we could get rail size down just a bit to more realistic proportions...


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Re: Back (Sortof)

Post by dkightley »

Hi Jesse

I saw your post just after you submitted it.....and intended to reply....and have finally got around to doing so!!

Nice to see you still have an interest in T. There seems to be so much "other priorities" holding back son what could be some very good work in this scale. I actually had to retire early so I could concentrate on getting The Bridge finished in the timescale it took to get to a state where it was "exhibition ready"....well it was one of the reasons I retired, not the only one. ;) And thanks for the comments. The Bridge has drawn a lot of interest and some very nice comments from the general public....but I'm slightly disappointed the modelling press has so far not shown any interest. Perhaps things may change in Scotland in is one of their national treasures, after all!

My disappointment also extends to the lack of new developments from Eishindo....and to a lesser degree from, although I'm not that sure whether it's pressures from other things that has turned Alan's focus away from T, or even a knock-on from the lack of new things from Japan.

Can't see the rail head width being narrowed down needs to be wide for strength and power transfer, etc. Apart from that, there's no stock rail available that small!!
Doug Kightley
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Re: Back (Sortof)

Post by ncdtrains »

It is good to see you sorta back Jesse. You were a big part of my desire to stock up on some american prototype stuff when I first got into T. Unfortunately by the time I got my skills to a level to be comfortable working with painting/decal jobbing raw shells, you had stepped away.

I will tell you this. As a modeler in the US, we desperately need your intervention with some american prototypical stuff. After Ardash passed, I sorta lost my grove as I really enjoyed supporting a business based in america. Now there is no real source for some of the unique items he sold. I only got one of the GP locos. No tankers, no container cars.

Help us Obi Wan, you're our only :)

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