dcc (again) tiny decoder.

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Re: dcc (again) tiny decoder.

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Ozrail wrote:Maybe one day Someone will develop a Decoder chip so tiny, it can fit on a paperthin circuit board like this one. http://www.bestpcbs.com/products/extra-thin-pcb.htm
And it can simple sit flat on the top of the motorised chassis where the electrical straps are.
That's interesting because my son recently did some work on the dash of a Mk 2 VW Golf and the circuit was printed on what appears to be polythene or something similar, guessing a little less than 0.5mm thick, wrapped around the internals of the panel. And that was from, what, the late 1980s, so it can be done. Just a matter of time.

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Re: dcc (again) tiny decoder.

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I just joined, and i plan to order my first test T gauge train tonight, class 125 from tgauge.com. I am going downscale from TT gauge, and plan to run the same DCC equipment as now (either Roco or selfmade Pc serial adaptor) with selfdesigned arduino boards driving servos and lights. I also ordered a pair of dcx77 decoders. I will try to post my results here - the thread was highly motivating for me, digital is a must for me - I am an IT geek :)

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