Help Required For new person

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Help Required For new person

Post by Tully2001 »

I want to buy the HST with all the coaches with it for the cheapest price with 4 meters of track. Please could someone help!!!

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Re: Help Required For new person

Post by GibbModels »

For track you want to go to it costs £40 and the HST Is £159.50 for 9 cars. You still need a controller though!
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Re: Help Required For new person

Post by mattd10 »

Hi Tully2001

It may be worth getting the starter set as this comes with track, controller and the basic 3 car HST set and then add on the extra coaches and flex track from there.

If you're just starting out the starter set is great to get a feel for the scale and see if you like it and you can always add to it as time goes on!

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Re: Help Required For new person

Post by ivanf »

if you do go for a starter set go for the larger radius 132.5mm - the narrower 120mm radius curves are a little too tight for comfort...

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Re: Help Required For new person

Post by Reith01 »

It's a problem with starting up any hobby - the initial cost. Compared with other hobbies such as photography it's not too bad and can be spread a little. Just starting up myself (still awaiting my first order so have yet to be sure I can work in this scale) I include the cost of a baseboard and a lot more track just to get going. Thereafter it will involve smaller outlays.....I do hope!

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