Auto Train Exchange System

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Auto Train Exchange System

Post by ozman2009 »

Has anyone used this apparatus?

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Re: Auto Train Exchange System

Post by Ozrail »

I've setup a similar system for my layout.
Only all the trains go in one direction.

I used a One-direction Power Cable on the main track.
and either a One-way Power Cable 'A' or 'B' for the holding area.

The only issue I have is that the sensors need a timer for my main stock to exit the holding area.
It's ok for Mult-units, like the 103, HST and such.
But freight trains or any trains with different shaped wagons and such don't quite work.
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Re: Auto Train Exchange System

Post by kajovog »

I am not sure this helps, but this video shows what I think is a cool setup.

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Re: Auto Train Exchange System

Post by chadnn »

How much space is between the 2 tracks, using the one-way turnouts, when used in a side-by-side exchange system? Is the space big enough to fit the sensors or do I need to use S curves?

Just starting over as about a year and a half ago while moving all my trains were stolen.

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