Tiny locos!

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Tiny locos!

Post by mattd10 »

I haven’t seen much in here about the new(ish) developments from tgauge.com

First the class 08 which looks like the first release has sold out and second one underway. Not sure if anyone has received them yet?
https://www.tgauge.com/product/432/t-ga ... 08-shunter

And then there’s this...

Quite frankly I’m amazed it can move itself along. A seriously impressive piece of engineering. Can’t imagine it’ll have much pulling power though?

Hopefully these developments may lead to more, like the trams that never arrived and maybe short wheelbase stock for narrow gauge?

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Re: Tiny locos!

Post by Ozrail »

The 0-4-0 makes me happy knowing a motorised T-gauge Thomas is possible.
Check out my Shapeways store for T-gauge stuff.

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Re: Tiny locos!

Post by DavidTheMad »


I keep looking at your excellent range for something new, as I have many examples of your brilliant work. I also watch your YouTube channel as well, jealous as hell for your skills in animation work.

Great to see you are still around.


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