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Would you be interested in taking part in an online T Gauge Convention?

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T Gauge Online Convention...

Post by dkightley »

On Saturday, i took part in a video conference replacement for a meeting of the East Midlands area group of MERG. This e-conference attracted sixty attendees, some of which were from around the world. The meeting ran very well....and the video technology stood up extremely well. This, not only impressed me.....but it gave me an idea!

Would there be any interest in organising a T Gauge e-convention sometime in the near future? We could set up a speaker or two to give a half-hour or so presentation on some aspect of T Gauge and leave time for general problem solving and construction techniques, discuss gaps in the market for locomotives, rolling stock and scenery items....in fact almost anything.

What would be needed is for one person to host the conference, and for one of two helpers to administer the joining of attendees and turning on & off individual microphones to ensure things run efficiently. The only prerequisite to attend would be a PC with webcam and microphone, or a smart phone, ideally with wireless access to the net.

What is the thoughts of members of this forum regarding something like this being arranged. Its probably the only way of T Gauge enthusiasts "getting together" Provide your feedback by completing the above poll.....
Doug Kightley
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Re: T Gauge Online Convention...

Post by martink »

That might be a bit ambitious for a first attempt. A simple and much less formal discussion session in Discord or something similar with half-a-dozen people might be a better option.

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Re: T Gauge Online Convention...

Post by gbtrains »

Had first zoom meeting tonight and it went well.

Some technical draw backs as in you cannot shout to the other person of what you can or cannot do on it before getting mike/video to work. :o

Thinking of more models to print so lets see if we can do this, working on the forun and using zoom to chat instanly with. :D


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