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The Talking T Gauge Shop...

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Thought I'd post a fuller explanation as to why I have temporarily closed the forum shop.....

The forum shop came into being as a result of being asked a number of times if I was able to supply copies of various 3D printed parts that featured on my Robins Run layout. Seeing that this might be able to generate a small amount of income to help cover the cost of running the forum (Yes, the forum does cost to run!! I don't use one of the freebie web hosts; I use a host that has reliable 24/7 support!), and to provide the occasional pint!!!

The income from the shop does indeed pay for web hosting...and provides a small subsidy towards the costs of the layouts I build to exhibit round the UK show circuit....but it is a hobby, and by a very long way is not a means of earning a living. I am retired and in receipt of pensions that will see me through to the the shop cannot be described as "essential".

The UK government have just announced a hardening of it's "Stay at home!" campaign, which now includes instructions to only go out for "essential purposes"....and with me being not that far off one of the "At risk" categories age-wise, I have decided that the risk involved in going to a Post Office to post parcels is not what I ought to be doing at the current time.

As it's going to be very difficult to restrict what potential customers might order, I really have no choice but to close the shop completely for the time being. I have a few orders to complete, and will contact people to advise how I will deal with getting things delivered.

My apologies to anyone who was or is intending to place an order.....but I hope you'll understand the current situation. The shop WILL re-open once the measures have been relaxed and the risks involved in visiting the Post Office are reduced.
Doug Kightley
Webmaster here and volunteer at the National Tramway Museum

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