Gradients in T gauge

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Gradients in T gauge

Post by barneyadi »

Does anyone know an acceptable gradient in T, so X cm per y length?

Trying to figure out a starting point for a plan and trying to see if gradients will be ok. Not totally sure on board size, could be 4x2, 8x2 or even an l shape.

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Re: Gradients in T gauge

Post by kajovog »

I should start by pointing out that I am fairly new to TGauge. Because the wheels are magnetic you have no problem using very steep grades beyond what would be scale prototypical. I have been able to run an ICE 3 train with 4 cars at 25%. I have read that it should work up to 45% but I have not tried that.

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Re: Gradients in T gauge

Post by rail450 »

Hi barneyadi,

it will be ok to impelement a gradient of maximal 4%: X=4cm per lenght Y=100cm



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