I'm back....I think!

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I'm back....I think!

Post by dkightley »

After a few months where I've been a mixture of overloaded with things to do, stress due to health worries, dragged away from real life to do jury service, and not feeling at all well both physically and mentally...….I think I'm at a point where I'm starting to get my life back together.

Things started in July when I was called up to do jury service.....and was selected for a case on the first day which then proceeded to last six and a half weeks. Thankfully, it wasn't a murder or sex case....but it was very, very tiring sitting in a courtroom day after day listening to hours of evidence, which ended after three awful days of deliberation that was so intense that all the jurors ended up mentally exhausted at the end of each day. During our time on this case, we sat in three of the eight courtrooms and five of the six jury rooms...the place was starting to feel like home by the time we left!!

During the time sitting in the somewhat cramped jury box in one of the courts, and not being able to move around, I ended up aggravating a knee injury I sustained earlier in the year. This wore me down a bit mentally and although it calmed down once I was able to keep gently mobile, it's still causing me some discomfort nowadays!

With having to virtually drop everything else, naturally other things that needed doing started to pile up; helping out organising and setting up at two events at the Tramway museum, transferring data form one database to another...also for the museum...and various jobs and things needing doing at home. Not to mention having my private email hacked!!….which has caused me an awful amount of hassle. Thank God I didn't lose any money....and as far as I am aware, I wasn't subject to impersonation!

I'm not going to bore everyone with the details....but the last three and a half months have been a total blur..and I'm only just starting to clear my head and finally get back into things. I've found out this evening that I've got a few orders in the Talking T Gauge shop that I didn't know about.....missed changing email addresses!!….and I'm having to apologise for the delays, etc. So...anyone with an order in the shop, I'll be contacting you to apologise....and provide an update on delivery.

As I've been struggling with my knee, and realised at the last minute I had a model railway show to attend, I had a rather uncomfortable few days taking The Bridge to a show at Spalding...and even as I type, my lounge is littered with bits that need taking upstairs and putting back into storage for next time....

Hopefully, I'm going to be able to start looking at getting back into T gauge. I have some running repairs to do to The Bridge; new signals, replacing track sections & joints, etc ready for its next outing....which isn't for a few months yet. I also need to find out where I am with the Saltash layout, and get back to work on it!

Looking back I've had a few nightmare months.....but looking forward, I hope things will be better...….
Doug Kightley
Webmaster here and volunteer at the National Tramway Museum http://www.tramway.co.uk

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Re: I'm back....I think!

Post by Nutter »

Take it slow and steady Doug, I'm sure people will understand any delays. ;) 8-)
DON'T knock it at least I am trying to do something, with only one good hand.

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Re: I'm back....I think!

Post by rvn2001 »

WOW!!!! ...... and I thought my 12-hour days were bad.... I'm sorry to hear about your issues. I'm glad you have thing on the way to being straightened out. Take it slow and easy. It's good to have you back!
Thom Welsch

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