What happened to the new track?

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What happened to the new track?

Post by clockdragger »

I remember the preview on the newer track that was planned early last year? Like the tram track and new style switches?
Have they been cancelled?

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Re: What happened to the new track?

Post by ConnorL »

You got me interested, where did you find this information?

Was it from a video, email, or someone leaked a picture?

I'm interested in the switches.

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Re: What happened to the new track?

Post by Ozrail »

Unfortunately news is far and few when it comes to T-gauge.
I kind a hoped there be something from the toy fairs this year but nothing.

145R-30deg turnouts have been announced since 2012 and a prototype shown since 2008.
There are photos of the prototypes in the official catalogues from 2012 onwards.

Tram tracks, have been mention many times before, but nothing official other than prototypes.
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Re: What happened to the new track?

Post by mattd10 »


Here's a video of the tram track and very short chassis prototype. I've only seen the new design points in photos and not in any videos.

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