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Open Invite to GCR Model Event 2017

Postby dkightley » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:48 am


I have received the following open invitation from the organisers of the GCR Model Event:
We would like to invite your Alternative T Gauge Layout and other associates with T gauge layouts, to our combined event. 2017 Model Railway Exhibition, which is to be A Three Day event, to be held on the 16/17/18th. June 2017 in large temporary exhibition halls, with wooden floors, at the Great Central Railway Quorn Station.

Here we have an opportunity for the T Gauge community to get together to do two things....to get to know one another and more importantly, to promote the gauge to the general public and those involved in larger gauges. My thoughts are for us to have a "T Gauge Corner" in the show where we would have a variety of T Gauge layouts....completed and in-progress....on display, possibly with TGauge.com's trade stand in attendance as well (if they're willing to come along as well).

Is there anybody who thinks this is a good idea....and will be able to commit to bringing something along????? Ideally, I'd like to be able to get back to the organisers with an idea of what we can offer in say about 4 weeks time.
Doug Kightley
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