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My demo layout

Postby PetrOs » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:04 pm


being new to T gauge, I was however watching it evolve over years. Being myself 1:350 and 1:700 ship modeler, and TT-gauge modeler, i wanted to go smaller, but stay digital. With the advent of the micro decoders like DCX77z, it is now possible, so I ordered a starting set for a small demo and experimental layout to place in my modeling shop window, and also to try the digitalisation of the things. I ordered a new GNER HST 125 set, a 16m chassis, and some adjustable chassis, to create a Class 101 with the shapeways 3D printed wagons as a second train. Plus enough rail material to create a simple ellipse with a two track station. For digital, I plan to use the DCX77z decoders coupled with Roco 10764 booster, with signal done either by a pair of Roco Lokmouse controllers, or by PC (Rocrail, via USB-RS232 converter from Arduino toolkit, and selfmade serial to DCC adapter). Turnouts would be operated by servo controller by a selfmade DCC Arduino board, which would also operate lighting. I am still in progress of creating efficient feedback system, which would use loconet.

I have heard that the turnouts have a big dead point on the cross, so it would probably be necessary to modify them. I consider building a new cross for them from brass or nickel silver profiles, and make it polarizable by a servo operated microswitch (same servo as switching the turnout), more or less the same as I do for tillig switches in TT. The base would be hard foam board framed in wood. Do you think it would work?
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