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Postby martink » Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:07 pm

Well, I have finally settled on the subject of my third linear motor T gauge layout - Dauntsey, a minor junction station on the GWR main line to Bristol. The layout will be 6' x 2' or thereabouts, the equivalent of 38' x 13' in OO, and about the largest size I can manage as a single-board portable layout. Even with all that to play with, some compression and rearrangement will still be necessary! I was looking for a site on a GWR main line, preferably ex-broad gauge for the wider track spacing, with a small goods yard off one line and a refuge siding off the other, plus a road overbridge and a nearby canal with a single lock. Having a junction for the branch to Malmesbury is a nice bonus.

The scale will be 1:480, about 6% smaller than normal T, since recent experience shows that the linear motor drive system works best with carriages exactly 24, 36 or 48mm long. Choosing 1:480 means that standard 57' coaches work out to be 36mm across the buffers, and 9' wheelbase goods wagons 12mm (so two wagon bodies on a combined chassis add up to 24mm). 25 wagons per foot!

Objectives for this layout:
- double track main line and simple auto-shuttle for the branch
- the track plan will include two points on the visible half, with simple automatic shunting into one siding in the goods yard and the refuge siding off the other line
- the outer oval will have a loop behind the backscene (two more points), giving a total storage capacity of about 15' worth of trains
- a basic road loop, just a single direction narrow country road, nothing too ambitious here
- working canal scene, including the lock (certainly the gates, lifting if possible, or dummied with a slope if not - TBD).
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