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Here's the place for discussions about those 3D creations for Tguage...and lets not forget the trials and tribulations of designing and printing.

Possible 3D printer for T-gauge

Postby Ozrail » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:53 am

Would you believe I found this on a G-Gauge forum! :shock:
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Re: Possible 3D printer for T-gauge

Postby dkightley » Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:51 am

This looks an interesting development...and is worth keeping an eye on.

Having Googled deeper into this story, the company producing this printer is a new-start...and I'm not sure if they've actually manufactured many as of yet. This is not a criticism....but it does mean that the reliability of the device, the cost of consumables, and the repeatability of print quality is too sketchy at the moment for anyone to seriously consider spending what is a large amount of money.

From the limited photos that have been made available, the resolution looks superb.....but looking closer at the photo of steadily smaller DNA spirals, you can see a few flaws in the smaller prints. Now....if I was releasing such a photo, I would make sure the prints were perfect.....unless the prints in the photo were the best I could get!

A final thought....I think this printing method and the material might be the same or similar to FUD from Shapeways, and the potential brittleness of the plastic will need to be taken into account when considering capabilaties.
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