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Z scale narrow gauge trains

Postby zdrada69 » Wed May 17, 2017 7:42 am

My name is Pawel and I am from Poland. I am a Z-scale modeller developing modular layout based on real Polish locations. Here you can find some photos of one of my modules in 1:220


While developing an idea to build initially technical station I ended up with module based on real station in Trzebnica. That is very interesting but compact dead end station with small engine shed and turntable at the end. The interesting part of the store is that on the other end of the station there is a bridge over the street - even part of the station passanger platform crosses this road over the bridge. Until late 60-ties there was an narrow gauge build in this road with regular service to Wroclaw. So I planned to have this small part of narrow gauge to be located under the bridge. This was 750mm narrow gauge so I decided that T gauge track is a good choice - it is a bit underscaled but 3mm agains true scale 3,4mm is acceptable for me.

Second thought was to have some not motorized rolling stock on that narrow gauge. I started to search at the Shapeways and found some designs good enough to be used on the module. I also started to search for T gauge information and end up with final decision. Try to make Z-scale narrow gauge motorized using T gauge tracks and chassis. Of course it means also supplemental narrow gauge module (modules ?) based on T gauge tracks. That is the reason why I joined this forum. I hope I will be able to show in future some progress with module on "Layout section" and to get some answers to questions which for sure be raised by me during the project.

Let's start with Z narrow gauge 3mm rolling stock work. The first one is small steam engine. I found some design on Shapeways to be a good starting point. This is French Decauville loco used on military narrow gauge railways during WWI:


I painted it and had to add chimney due to the fact that I ... broke original fragile part. This was made using small metal pipe.
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Re: Z scale narrow gauge trains

Postby zdrada69 » Thu May 18, 2017 7:49 am

Next stage of the work on this narrow gauge engine is to make it more similar to original one used on "my" railway:

http://konradus.net/foto.php?scr=http:/ ... 01_10a.jpg

At first I added lights - big lights typical for Polish steam engines. Lights are also Shapeways printed.


Second change was to add bigger coal box at the end of engine:

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Re: Z scale narrow gauge trains

Postby zdrada69 » Sat May 20, 2017 6:52 am

Some more development... I added buffer and the red wheel on the front of the locomotive. The typical Polish colours to paint steam engines are used: black, red and white. Some weathering is applied.

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Re: Z scale narrow gauge trains

Postby Ozrail » Sat May 20, 2017 1:55 pm

Great progress, keep it up! :D
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Re: Z scale narrow gauge trains

Postby zdrada69 » Tue May 23, 2017 9:57 am

Next stage is to add wheels. I used Einsheido adjustable 16-27 m chassis.It is maximally shortened. I also added some pipes on top of engine and some photoetched parts - the remainings of wheel covers. They were used due to the fact that original engines were used in the city area and this was some kind of accident protection device. The engine is little "too high" because of the size of the wheels and chassis. I wanted to have couplings at the end of the engine so there was no option to make in another way....

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