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Shop Spring Clean.......Sale items

Postby dkightley » Mon May 08, 2017 9:54 pm

I've had a bit of a spring clean and have sorted out bits from the bottom of drawers and boxes.....and separating out from the biscuit crumbs, fluff and other unmentionable "things", I've put together a list of sale items.........

The following lots are mainly pre-production or test prints, so may be very slightly imperfect....but are useable!

Lot 1 - a bag of cars (approx. 20) - £3.00 SOLD

Lot 2 - a bag of cars (approx. 20) - £3.00 SOLD

Lot 3 - bag of 10 track alignment spacers - £4.00

Lot 4 - bag of artics - 1 box trailer, 1 flatbed with boxes & 2 tankers - £6.00 SOLD

Lot 5 - two Atlantean buses - £2.00 SOLD

Lot 6 - four Routemasters - £4.00

Lot 7 - One artic with tanker trailer (printed & bagged in error so good quality) - £1.50

Lot 8 - bag of seven modern houses, various styles - £7.00 SOLD

Lot 9 - row of six town houses...one end lifted from bed on printing but okay if placed to disguise the small lift - £2.00 SOLD

Lot 10 - another bag of cars (approx. 20) - £3.00

p&p same as per shop sales - £2.00 UK & £4.00 overseas

PM me if you want to buy, citing lot number(s). I'll combine postage if you order from the shop at the same time. First come sale basis...no returns.
Doug Kightley
Webmaster here and volunteer at the National Tramway Museum http://www.tramway.co.uk
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Re: Shop Spring Clean.......Sale items

Postby Patnewbie » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:37 am

Doug .... please can you add the bag of modern houses Lot 8 to my other shop order £7.00 ...... thanks Pat
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