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Meridian Models 009 supplies.

Postby Billard » Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:05 am

I realise most forum members are into 'T' and Zm scales, however some, like me may also be into other scales such as 009.
I received my latest copy of 009 news over the weekend and was very surprised to read that Meridian models, suppliers of super 009 loco and rolling stock kits and parts are ceasing trading soon.
Pete Wilson, who has been responsible for running the company since its founder, Dave Brewer, died a few years ago, has decided to retire so the various sections of the organisation are being transferred to other well known model manufacturers.
For more info go to meridian models website.
Sorry if it's bad news for you, but it is for me too.
Cheers for now, Noel.
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